Susan Lewis Baines - Artist

January 10, 2016

Susan Lewis Baines, artist and The Kelpie Gallery co-owner, uses her creativity on a daily basis. A former goldsmith who worked her craft for 20+ years, Susan found herself in need of a new outlet for her inspirations. Going from the physical rigor of goldsmithing, with its need for exacting measurements, alchemy, and tiny and tight movements, to the loose and free movement of painting was not a natural transition. To retrain her brain, Susan started practicing blind contour drawing. The practice of BCD is to look at your subject and draw without looking at the paper. This exercise frees the mind and opens the eye. The results are about line and shape. Details are minimum. Encouraged by the outcome,  Susan inked the lines and added watercolor. 

Only when she felt herself let go of the tight tolerance of working in metal did Susan begin painting in oils. Susan continues to explore different genres of painting. Her current work in highways and big skies are an allegory of her grounded and solid beginnings, with an eye skyward and its lofty possibilities.

Susan maintains her studio on premise at The Kelpie Gallery. Surrounding herself with the beauty of eight fellow artists’ works in the lovely and bright gallery, hanging their artwork to its best advantage, promoting the art, and representing the artists are all creative expressions very much enjoyed!